Mireia M. Blanch was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. Her passion for travelling led her to study and work in the hotel industry and event management for almost ten years, but her enthusiasm for fashion has always been there since she was a child. She lived a year in Australia, another in New Zealand and since 2011 she’s been based in France where she lives with her French companion. It wasn’t until 2014 after a year of brainstorming, she decided to leave her job and solely concentrate of taking these ethically sourced shoes and brand from concept to reality. Mireia is an animal lover and a big believer that fashion can be equally ethical and compassionate, avoiding the use of animal materials. She also enjoys promoting a healthy yet tasty plant-based diet.


By BLANCH is an ethical and vegan brand. Therefore, we don't use any sort of animal products. We strive to find the best products on the market to create pretty, comfortable and durable shoes. 

The materials are produced in Europe and the shoes made in sunny Spain, where tradition meets expertise. 

Why leather is very harmful? The process of turning skin into leather is very cruel to animals, some are slaughtered as babies, having spent their entire lives in confinement, and are then skinned or boiled alive. Most leather produced is chrome-tanned which produces hazardous chromium waste. The waste from tanneries also includes large quantities of pollutants, including protein, hair, salt, lime sludge, sulphides, and acids (among other substances). The groundwater near these tanneries has been found to have highly elevated levels of a variety of toxic substances.


Our shoes use a high quality synthetic leather made of polyurethane with a vegetable oil coating. Polyurethane feels very soft and looks like real leather, it is easy to clean and stain resistant. The polyurethane we use is made in Italy using a highly sophisticated procedure, while fully complying with the strictest of environmental protection standards (Ecolabel certification). The insoles are made with a micro-perforated material especially designed with the optimal air flow to help the feet breathe properly. This material is possibly the most highly durable eco-friendly modern alternative to leather.