Born in 2015, By BLANCH was originally a french vegan shoes brand for women. We wanted to offer quality footwear that was both attractive and comfortable, and produced in an ethical manner.

In 2020, we're going further. By BLANCH becomes a fashion brand in its own right. Our ambition is to offer within a few years all the essentials of a men's and women's wardrobe, always in an ethical and vegan way. However, we want to focus on reasonable production, one product at a time, with the best available eco-friendly materials.

As an ethical brand, we no longer want to contribute to overproduction. Therefore, we have decided to produce only on demand and this through the best tool there is, the pre-order. This system has several benefits. For the planet first, since we will only manufacture what is necessary. For the community secondly, because without unsold products no sales and without middle-men no inflated prices. In the end, it guarantees a cost optimization in order to have the best possible value for money.

We also want to involve our community more in the design of our products by submitting questionnaires to find out everyone's opinions and desires and thus hit the nail on the head. Together we are stronger.

To be continued...